Trina Marie Phillips - Science Fiction Writer  


Aliens, Robots and Spaceships

This is fun stuff to write about, right? Of course it is. Sometimes it's a swashbuckling adventure, but sometimes it becomes an exploration of what it means to be human. What heights will the technology of the future take us to? And what depths of depravity?

If we look at classic science fiction, our chances of a successful first contact experience are pretty slim. We'll either be invaded, turned into dinner, or offend our newfound friends and send them off shaking their heads, muttering about our foolishness.

But I have more faith in humanity than that.

Sure, you know we're going to screw up. As soon as we can clone and genetically modify ourselves with reasonable safety, despite any laws, some unscrupulous person is going to take it too far. Super soldiers? Sure. Immortality? You bet. Brain transplants? If you dare.

Oh, and imagine what kind of havoc can we wreak with robots. Sure, we have Asimov's three laws to guide us, but will we be smart enough to use them? All it takes is one authoritative idiot to say, "Our robots would never do that," to set off a disaster.

And through all the mistakes and missteps, there will be good people. People who will do the right thing and get others to do the same. People that believe the human race is worth preserving. Forward thinkers. These are the people that will lead us into the future. And our future lies among the stars.

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